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This office provides everyone a one on one patient/doctor relationship with the most qualified professionals in medicine.

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jackieThe Quality of Life Center, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, is an all-inclusive facility and is intended to be a "home" of principle medical care for all who come to us. It might be referred to as a ‘one stop healthcare' center. It is unique and not the typical office setting. We offer home-like holistic medical care at its very best. Within the office we provide daily healthcare and day care for those who are not able to be home alone during the day and respite for their caregivers. Our focus is also for any other individuals who want to enjoy a ‘home-like' atmosphere with emotional and physical care, under one roof.

On the medical side we have an Internist, Podiatrist, Psychologist, and Nutritionist as well as a patient education specialist. We also have a visiting Optometrist for complete eye exams and Mobile X-ray for various types of tests.

We also offer a wide variety of events that include but not limited to: health fairs, Red Cross training, cooking and exercise demonstrations, group nutritional counseling and support groups.

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