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Caregiver Testimonials

Why do I like my father attending The Quality of Life Day Care?

Every morning before I go to work, I take my dad to The Quality of Life Adult Day Health Care center. Cindy is always waiting at the door, with a friendly greeting and a bright smile for us. She helps me get my dad out of the car and moving forward with his walker into the comfort of a warm and friendly, (and beautifully decorated) environment.

Dad says “goodbye” with a big smile crossing his face. I can go to work and focus on my job with complete peace of mind, knowing that he will be cared for by an attentive and kind caregiver, safe and secure, while I’m away. On occasion, when my father has a needed medical test or flu shot, Jackie and Cindy have been most helpful in getting this accomplished while he is attending daycare, which is a huge help for both my father and I. While in day care he is seeing the internist and dermatologist. He has also had X-rays done in the building and is currently receiving physical therapy while he is in the day care.

When my father began attending daycare, Jackie spent a considerable amount of time developing activities that would include his abilities, interests and past memories. He has been happy and content. Attending The Quality of Life Adult Health Day Care has given dad a sense of purpose and accomplishment, while having fun at the same time.

Thank You,
Mary Hill

Quality of Life Day Care Center,

We just wanted to thank everyone at the Quality of Life Day Care Center for being a real life saver to our family. The center allowed our mother to stay in our home with us for much longer than we would have been able to offer with out the loving care provided by our professional friends at the Day Care Center. Our mother at 87 suffered from dementia and various physical challenges; although we didn’t feel she was quite ready for placement in a nursing facility she could not be left home alone during our work week. The center provided a safe daily environment, friends, wonderful activities, loving staff, bathing routines, fabulous meals and her dignity. The center also provided us with a wonderful on-site family physician, specialist physicians, physical therapy or whatever the need may be. No more was the need to take extra time off from work to get Mom to her medical appointment requirements. The on-site professional services offered are life savers. The cost is so reasonable compared to other alternatives and kept our family together much longer without the added stress and burden. Mostly, my mother kept her dignity and enjoyed her later days with your expert care and her Day Care family.

I can not imagine why there are not more facilities of this high caliber. We searched and were so lucky to find you. I trust that this facility will be expanding size in time because there must be so many families like ours in need of such services. We will always consider everyone at Quality of Life Day Care our extended family and friends. God Bless,

Jonna Wolcott
Clarkston, Mi

Dear Jackie,

I just wanted you all to know how much we appreciate all the care given to our mother. Since her stroke last year, she could no longer volunteer at OPC and since she is cared for at home, she's stuck with just the family for mental and social stimulation. Then, we found you all. You, and all of your staff at Quality of Life Center have been great for our mom. She has the opportunity to interact with others, do crafts, play games and, get physical therapy and certain doctor's care on site (which is very helpful when she needs care from more than one doctor).All that in a safe, caring, almost home-like environment. Quality of Life Center has been a God-send to my mom and our family.I hope anyone who has a need for help with their loved-one gets to benefit from the service you all provide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Most sincerely,
Marti Formolo