Quality of Life Center -Adult Day Care and Health Center
What Are The Hours Of Operation For Adult Day Health Care Services?
7:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
Times are flexible to assist the caregivers who work.
Daily cost is based on an 8 hour day.

What We Do:
This Day Care is not only a Medical Model it is also a Working Model. All of our participants have painting projects that once finished are donated to a variety of charities. To this date over 4000 Hope Projects have been given to those in need of Hope. It is important for everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in to have a purpose. Our mission is to provide that purpose.

What About Meals?
All participants receive a wholesome morning and afternoon snack and a hot lunch intended to meet their dietary needs.

How Can I Find Out More About Adult Day Health Care Services At The Quality Of Life Center?
To discuss the need of someone close to you who may benefit from our quality day care program or to arrange a visit, please call The Quality of Life Center Adult Day Health Care at: 248-364-4064

adult day careWhat is an Adult Day Health Care?
Adult Day Health Care is a daytime program that provides continuous supervision and support services for the impaired older adult who should not be left alone during the day.
The program not only helps adults remain active, it also prevents premature nursing home
placement and improves the individual’s quality of life. As a health care facility we will also
provide access for the adult to have other medical services within the office if requested by the family such as podiatry services, internal medicine, nutritionist,
psychological counseling and massage therapy. We also have a visiting Optometrist for complete eye exams and Mobile X-ray for various types of tests.

Who is Eligible for Adult Day Health Care Services?

Any older adult who would benefit from a supervised daytime program. Those who particularly benefit include persons suffering social isolation or physical impairments.

Who Provides the Care?

The specially trained staff at the Quality of Life Adult Day Health Care has been selected for their experience, patience and interest in older adults. A high staff-to-participant ratio is
maintained assuring personalized attention.